Our FAQ is more like a Solar Power Knowledge base.

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Government Rebate

What types of rebates are available?

Both the State and Federal Government provide 2 forms of assistance when installing a solar system.

  1. A rebate when you purchase the system, which comes off the price of the system.
  2. The purchase of the power you don’t use during the day.
What are the eligibility requirements?
What is a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC)?
What is a Solar Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)?

Services FAQ

Do you provide any Finance options?


Next Generation Energy have a referral arrangement with Parker Lane to offer 'Solar Money' Finance solutions on any Solar System Upgrade or New Solar System Installation.

* Repayments from only $52 / week for a $5000.00 system, repaid over a 24 month period (flexible repayment terms are available). Please read our Terms & Conditions for Finance via Parker Lane.

Do you provide any Repairs & Maintenance for existing solar systems?

Installing Solar

Do I need planning approval?

Generally Not.

However, if your property is Heritage Listed or has other Property Covenants attached to ownership, planning approvals may be required before any project can commence.

Any building project must be approved by the legal owner of the property, if you are renting, or leasing a property we will need to have authorisation from the property owner before any quote or installation commences.

What size system will I need to run my home?

The Equipment

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

The price of solar systems has dropped dramatically over the past few years, making it an increasingly attractive option for homes and businesses.

Can my Solar Power system be insured?
What components do you use in your Solar Installations
What is a hybrid inverter?

Products FAQ

What Solar Panels do you use & recommend?

Next Generation Energy can use any CEC approved Panel in your solar project, however we have a preferred range of suppliers that are proven and tested in the marketplace.

We are not affiliated with any company, however our recommended Solar Systems will likely use panels from the following suppliers as they are considered among the best in the world for quality, reliability, energy effeciency and warranty period.

Our preferred Solar Panel products are supplied by:


  • Flex
  • LG
  • Jinko
What inverters do you use and recommend?
What Solar Batteries do you recommend?

Benefits of Solar

What are the benefits of going Solar?

Aside from continued savings on your electricity bills and adding value to your property; solar power is a renewable energy source that benefits the environment through reducing your homes carbon footprint.

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