solar maintenance

On Going Maintenance & Repairs

Australian Standard AS/NZS 5033 recommends your Solar Power System be maintained on an annual basis. This is to ensure your system continues to operate safely and performs efficiently. You should also consult your inverter manual for any additional requirements.

Next Generation Energy can help you to maintain your existing Solar System no matter the size, even in rural areas. Typical maintenance tasks will include:

  • Cleaning the PV array to remove accumulations of dust / debris on or arround the array.
  • Check for panel defects (fracture, moisture penetration, browning etc).
  • Check PV array mounting structure.
  • Inspect the integrity of electrical wiring, connections and mechanical protection.
  • Verify open circuit voltage and short circuit current values.
  • Verify the safe operation of earth fault protection.
  • Verify operation of protective devices.
  • Check integrity of junction boxes.
  • Verify correct operation and performance of PV solar system (adjust if necessary).
  • Check safety warning signs in postion.
  • All defective seals, clamps, conduit and cables should be replaced.



Warranty Services & Claims

Next Generation Energy is able to help with all Warranty claims for all Solar System components and service, including repair and/or replacement of existing Solar Panels, Inverters, Batteries and more.

Please feel free to contact us anytime regarding any Warranty Services.